V.O.S.A. Theatre, Jakub Vedral


A gallery of theatre props coming to life, evoking memories of what has been and what is yet to come. To the sound of live music, you will join actors and acrobats on a walk through a world made of giant puppets, kinetic objects, an acrobatic wheel, kilometres of optical fibres and a fire show. Come to revive with them the stories we started creating at the Shanghai, Milan and Dubai EXPOs and other theatre events we have toured worldwide. Let’s embark together on a fantastic expedition to discover the hidden garden on the Square, as well as our inner dreams.

V.O.S.A. THEATRE The Free Occasional Association of Acrobats (Artists, Alternatives) was created in 2007 for the occasional representation of the Czech Republic abroad. Their domain is the unique genre well known to the little ones and grownups worldwide – street theatre. They tell stories through acrobatic stunts, live music, juggling, large puppets and various objects. An important milestone in this producer project were the original accompanying programmes for the Czech pavilion at the EXPO World Exhibition in Shanghai in 2010. Since then, their performances have been presented in Colombo, Bahrain, Dubai, etc.