Jakub Doubrava

Jakub Doubrava

Kabaret Kajbar– This poetic evening, full of costumes and dadaist sketches is an auteur creation with local roots. In 2003 a group of citizens of České Budějovice decided to organise a cabaret to pay homage to the poetry, music and dance of Laďa Kajbar, České Budějovice’s most eminently picturesque figure. Cultural, regional, social, local, global, philosophical, religious, educational, atheist, environmental, metaphysical, national, minority, gender, primitive, decadent, pataphysical, worldwide, meaningless, all-embracing. This is what the Kabaret Kajbar is like, and has been for thirteen years now, and so is its chief spirit Jakub Doubrava.

Jakub Doubrava(1979) – Actor and director who has worked with Continuo Theatre (Kratochvílení ´98, ´99), Blast Theory (Desert Rain) and mamapapa (Demolice). He graduated from DAMU, having studied acting at the Faculty of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. He worked in the Ypsilon Studio’s Studio, undertook a two-month movement and light design workshop in Berlin (MAPA Caravan Tour) and worked with the National Theatre’s opera on the production of Blumfeld as part of the “Knocking on the Iron Curtain” project. He has also led an auteur workshop called Space, Object, Person in Helsinki in cooperation with the Reality Research Centre. He has worked with the Karromato puppet company (CZ, ESP) and created the auteur productions Ragnarök, FÓR for ty, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. He played the main role in the film A Little Piece of Heaven (directed by Petr Nikolaev) and worked in Czech Radio in České Budějovice as a director of literary programmes. He acts as a guest in the South Bohemian Theatre’s production of Saturnín. He founded KABARET KAJBAR. He works for the Health Clown association.