M. H. L.

Sláva Daubnerová

P.A.T., Bratislava, SVK
Sláva Daubnerová

A documentary monodrama inspired by the life and work of Slovakia's frst female professional theatre di rector, Magda Husáková-Lokvencová, the former wife of Communist leader Gustáv Husák. Author and performer Sláva Daubnerová uncovers the story of a courageous and talented artst whose ambitons came into confict with the destructve mechanisms of the totalitarian regime. Daubnerová was voted “Discovery of the season” in Slovakia's prestgious Dosky theatre awards in 2010, The producton was nominated for “Producton of the season“ and won the Anniversary Award of the Literary Foundaton for directon and actng.
Performance length: 1:20