Undergrowth (The Forest of My Father)

Eglė Šimėnaitė, Kayako Takahashi, Valtteri Alanen


Valtteri Alanen, Eglė Šimėnaitė, Kayako Takahashi

Harri Alanen, Veera Alanen

Mikael Tómasson

Anežka Mědová

Produced in MA DOT programme, DAMU 2021.

Sodja Lotker, Juraj Mitro

UNDERGROWTH (THE FOREST OF MY FATHER) My father is a forest-owner. Since I was a child I have known of a special ‘grieving spruce’ in our forest that was officially protected by the father of my father. Last winter I asked my father to show it to me once more, so that I could show it to you, even if we are in another country and in another forest. The grieving spruce grows in a forest planted over eighty years ago, so by law and convention the forest it inhabits will soon be cut for timber and paper, before being re-planted. What will happen to the tree when its neighbours are cut down? What happens to my father when he sells the tree trunks? What happens to me when I inevitably inherit some of the woods from my to be deceased father? Undergrowth is a documentary theatre essay about my personal relationship to my fathers, personal relationship to my father’s forests, and natural relationship to the laws of supply and demand. A forest can be sold, but can it really be owned?

VALTTERI ALANEN is a performance maker, puppeteer and sound-designer. A graduate of Turku Arts Academy, Finland, and DAMU, Czech Republic, his work is at home between locations, resonates with the sounds between sounds, and lives from sharing space and time.