The Ratcatcher

AteliercuncheoN researchtheatre, Marina Tsvetaeva

Andrea Benaglio

Andrea Benaglio, Alina Fofanova, Vincenzo Longaretti, Gioele Codara, Gaia Bonomi, Marco Vecchi

THE RATCATCHER The production is inspired by the poem The Pied Piper by Marina Tsvetaeva. The scenic concept of the performance is based on the theatrical use of big wooden coils, moved by the actors to present to public the town of Hamelin, a ‘town proud of good morals, packed warehouses, healthy and just people’, whose hearts are deprived of any longing – except for beer – and who will swallow any newcomer with their ignorance, pride and mistrust of strangers. The actors use masks, live music and striking choreography to create a distinctive show suitable for audiences of all ages.

ATELIERCUNCHEON RESEARCHTHEATRE It was originally established as a cultural association for social promotion and it is based in the Bergamo province, Northern Italy. The company produces and presents theatrical shows, leads theatrical workshops and organises cultural projects. The company has further developed original theatrical research, which combines the ‘third-theatre’ (or non-dramatic theatre) practices with theatrical elements of the Sufi culture through collaboration with musicians and dancers of this traditional background. In pursuit of this approach, AteliercuncheoN has organised research projects supported by Italian Cultural Institutes in countries of the Mediterranean region, created new productions for Russian national theatres and participated in several international theatre festivals. Actor and director Andrea Benaglio is the head of AteliercuncheoN. The theatre has collaborated on many international projects (in France, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.) and has been invited to theatre festivals in Italy, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Belgium and Russia (among others).