Tiptoe lesson


Václav Jelínek

Eva Stará, Karolína Křížková

Václav Jelínek

Julie Lupačová

Petr Pasler

Andrea Vykysalá Benková

Eva Stará, Karolína Křížková

The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Prague City Hall and Cirqueon.

3 June 2022

TIPTOE LESSON Come and uncover the secrets of the ballet world. How many layers make a tutu? Become a pupil of our Tiptoe Lesson, where the rigorous ballet baton is lightened with humour. We will show you the magic of classical dance. One afternoon, one open-air lesson, a unique spectacle. Order and rules are imperative here, and the dancer’s body must toe the line. But we could perhaps loosen the ballet directions in our dance hall. The question is, who is tip-top and who has restless toes... Tiptoe Lesson smoothly combines classical dance (ballet) techniques with pair acrobatics and grotesque.

The performance is followed by a workshop, where the audience can experience a strenuous ballet workout for themselves. We start with the basic ballet barre – a preparation for the ‘real’ ballet dance –, going through feet positions, plié, relevé and tendu as well as graceful port de bras, and maybe even the infamous muscle-soring adagio. Finally, we will combine the gained skills in a graceful ballet bow. The workshop will be led in a playful mode and with as little sores as possible.

Holektiv presented the production Tiptoe Lesson at the Behind the Door Festival. This time, the popular all-women group, which draws its technique primarily from pair acrobatics, contortionist skills and dance, focuses on the strenuous workout of professional classical ballet dancers. Comic scenes where the ballet teacher tries to teach a fidgety pupil are combined with exquisite and challenging acrobatic stunts. The top moment came when Eva Stará lifted Karolína Křížková on her shoulders and not only danced with her like that, but even rose up into a relevé en pointe.

– JOSEF BARTOŠ, tanecniaktuality.cz

VÁCLAV JELÍNEK He studied acting at the DAMU Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre in Prague. He obtained a certificate abroad for teaching new-circus courses. He cooperated as an actor with Alfred ve dvoře, Minor, Ponec and the F. X. Šalda Theatre in Liberec, but also participated in Expo 2010 Shanghai. He currently teaches juggling at Cirqueon – Centre for New Circus, at the HAMU Pantomime Department, and also at the Bohnice psychiatric hospital. He is a founder and member of the juggler-actor duo Bratři v tricku and a member of music bands Střídmí klusáci v kulisách višní (guitarist, singer) and Jelení loje (guitarist, double bassist, accordionist, singer). He created a number of original street performances in the Czech Republic and abroad, has participated in many international street art festivals (in Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, France, Poland, Germany, Spain, Finland), and has collaborated with several theatres (Mimotaurus, Letí, Theatro Pantomisimo, Spitfire Company, Cirkus Sacra, Artists for children, V.O.S.A. theatre).

HOLEKTIV An all-female company that has been active since 2016 and consists of Karolína Křížková, Eva Stará and Andrea Vykysalá. Its projects combine the genres of contemporary dance, physical theatre and new circus. Over the course of the years the ensemble has managed to create a unique style and poetics. Holektiv is active on the Czech and international scene, and in addition to choreographical and performing activity it also engages in teaching dance and new circus.